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About Instant Pay Stub Builder is an online company that can be used to create pay stubs conveniently and affordably anywhere across the United States. Creating pay stubs online with is a fast and easy process with the variety of services that we offer like our pay stub generator, templates, and easy to use check stub maker.

The company was founded by Ryan Felton in 2017 as a more affordable alternative to larger pay stub companies for employers seeking paycheck and pay stubs.

You can now forget about having to pay inordinate amounts of cash for a pay stub management company, has everything you need to get your pay stubs online!

Who Needs a Pay Stub?

We see employers and employees in need of pay stub services for several reasons. You may be an employer who needs to track how much employees are being paid on what specific dates or even an employee who is trying to keep track of their own wages for tax purposes. Previously an individual or company would hire a pay stub management company in order to create a pay stub for them.

This, fortunately, is no longer the case. is an online pay stub company that makes the process vastly simpler, and more cost-effective. For a few dollars, it is easy to create and print fully customized online pay stubs containing information like the wage, payment amount, employer, and general employee information using our simple pay stub template. Customized information can also be added to templates using the stub generator, and with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can create your very own custom pay stubs online that are easily printed to keep for your own records.

Why is the Best Way to get Pay Stubs?

It might seem like a simple task to create your own pay stubs without consulting a service like, but surprisingly, it can be a relatively daunting task, and businesses in the payroll industry can charge excessive fees to create pay stubs and check stubs. There is absolutely no need for this hassle or cost when services like the custom pay stub generator from are available! Our company has everything needed to make a check stub and to print pay stubs online in just a quick session online and for the cost of just a few dollars! You can learn how to create a pay stub within a few minutes and be on your way to creating a variety of different pay stubs for your unique needs.

How to Create Pay Stubs Online Using

A pay stub is a helpful record displaying received payments, taxes that are deducted from each paycheck, as well as any other activities that may occur during each pay period. Employee pay stubs additionally display the running total of earned payments for the year, in addition to any of the current pay period information. This information can be useful when trying to prove income for things like filing your taxes, and financial aid.

The following few steps can help you prepare to make a stub quickly and easily using the pay stub generator:

  1. Gather all the information that you will need and enter it into the pay stub template.
  2. Enter information and payment details into the online pay stub. Payment details can be in the form hourly rates, or a full salary amount, and remain the same over each pay period on the pay stubs.
  3. Fill in the exact dates of the beginning and end of each pay period ensuring that all overtime and vacation time is accounted for, using this information to calculate for year-to-date totals as well.
  4. Notate any apparent deductions.
  5. Detail any federal, state, and local taxes that have been deducted from the employee pay stub, adding this information into the year-to-date fields in the online pay stub.
  6. Add the employee’s initial start date and any vacation time that may have been accrued and utilized.
  7. Review and reflect the accuracy of the pay stub template, ensuring that the online stub mirrors accuracy in the total gross payment.

If you have any issues with the online pay stub generator please email us at, we are happy to help!

Why Use a Template for Employee Pay Stubs and Internal Record Keeping?

The Pay Stub Builder process of creating printable online paycheck stubs using the pay stub template makes the entire process streamlined and easy for businesses. Our template features an automatic calculator, aiding companies and entrepreneurs by displaying the employee’s gross income in a matter of minutes.

There are other options, like finding a template to make a stub online. However, there is virtually no way of knowing where they have been created or whether they contain the proper information and are organized correctly. Using a qualified and trustworthy company like is a far better and more reliable idea. We make the process easy enough with our pay stub maker, and for just a few dollars you can be collected and confident, knowing that your pay stubs will be exactly what you need.

Not long ago, employers would simply hand-write employee check stubs directly from their business checkbooks. This was a time staking pain of a process sometimes and made it much easier to make mistakes. Luckily, this is no longer necessary.

Finding a dependable method of creating and printing employee pay stubs is vital to ensuring that your needs are taken seriously. All of these needs can be met quickly and easily with a visit to When using a hand-written check, or stub, there are no detailed breakdowns of payments, deductions, or gross to net pay. Using the pay stub generator from ensures not only that this information is present, but also that any and all calculations are correct.

With you will find a secure and simple pay stub creator, along with a pay stub template that is intuitive and easy to use; allowing you to create professional pay stubs online within a few minutes, and for an affordable price.

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