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A Few Helpful Pay Stub Tips and Tricks

Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to aid you in completing your professional online pay stub.

Pay Stub Calculator

We provide the best and most accurate way of creating an accurate pay stub. Using the latest software for calculating Federal and State taxes, our pay stub calculator automatically calculates and filters all deductions as well as wage rates for salary and hourly employees. Regardless if you’re creating a pay stub for weekly, bi-weekly, or any pay schedule, the pay stub calculator generates the most accurate information and helps to create a complete, perfect pay stub.

Employees and Independent Workers

When beginning the process of implementing the information needed to create your custom pay stub, you may find some key differences between independently contracted workers and your regular employees. With contractors, there are no deductions on a pay stub, and while it may feel as though this is in error, contracted employees are technically not members of a business, and therefore not directly on the business’ payroll.

Pay Schedule Types

  • Weekly – Wages are paid to the workforce once a week, generally on a predetermined weekday, I.e. Thursday or Friday each week.
  • Bi-weekly – Similar to weekly pay but with workers receiving wage pay every other week for a two-week period, for example getting paid every other Friday.
  • Bi-monthly – Paid twice per month, usually paid out on the 1st and the 15th or 15th and 31st of each month.
  • Monthly – Wages are paid to workers on a set day, once per month.
  • Annually – Workers receive wage payment once per year.
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